Does Soccer Confuse This? Then This Is For You!

Your interest in soccer is clear, but to really improve as a player, you must continue the learning process and follow this advice. Yes, soccer is truly fun, but to take it to another level, you need to practice many of these techniques. The following article will tell you what you need to know. Avoid […]


Rumor: At least one team reached out to Knicks about Elfrid Payton trade

The Knicks have point guards. Elfrid Payton starts, breakout rookie Immanuel Quickley has been next in line, plus they have Frank Ntilikina. Austin Rivers is on the roster as well, although he has played more of the backup two guard behind RJ Barrett. Now Derrick Rose has been added to the mix. It’s a potential […]


Should doctors talk about the placebo effect with their patients?

Clinical and laboratory studies demonstrate that placebo and nocebo effects influence various symptoms and conditions after the administration of both inert and active treatments. There is an increasing need for up-to-date recommendations on how to inform patients about placebo and nocebo effects in clinical practice and train clinicians how to disclose this information. Based on […]


U.S. Treasury’s Yellen to meet financial regulators Thursday to discuss volatility

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen will meet top financial regulators on Thursday to discuss recent volatility in financial markets driven by trading in stocks, including GameStop Corp, the Department of Treasury said. Yellen will meet with the heads of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Reserve Board, Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Commodity […]


Members of Parliament to propose UK bill banning console and GPU scalping

Inflated consumer demand from those staying at home and component shortages, both brought on by the pandemic, have driven the resale prices of consoles and GPUs through the roof. The idea of buying two PS5 or XBSX consoles and selling one for double is appealing, but some are taking it to the extreme. In December, […]


Woman, 28, ‘stabbed to death by ex-boyfriend after he saw her on Tinder date’

An ex-boyfriend allegedly stabbed his glamorous former girlfriend to death after seeing her on a Tinder date with another man, a court heard today. Cruise line worker Cristina Ortiz-Lozano, 28, was allegedly killed in a “frenzied” attack after being followed home by spurned lover Abdelaziz El Yechioui Ourzat, prosecutors claimed. A jury was told he […]


Robert Horry: ‘I don’t think people really appreciate what I did’

Tom Brady just won his seventh championship. Which ties him with Robert Horry. Horry – who won titles with the 1994 and 1995 Rockets, 2000, 2001 and 2002 Lakers and 2005 and 2007 Spurs – via Melissa Rohlin of FOX Sports: “More than half the time, I feel slighted because I don’t think people really […]


Take-at-home tests boost colorectal cancer screening tenfold for health center serving minorities

Colorectal cancer screening rates jumped by more than 1,000 percent when researchers sent take-at-home tests to patients overdue for testing at a community health center that predominantly serves people of color. Instead of the oft-standard text message that simply reminds a patient that they are overdue for screening, researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine […]


Reddit rally’ stocks bounce on day after selloff, then dip after hours

GameStop and other social media darlings rebounded in calmer trading on Wednesday from their sharp sell-off in the prior session as investors turned their focus to the possibility of tighter U.S. trading regulations. However, the so-called “Reddit rally” cooled again in after hours trade, as GameStop and AMC Entertainment, the main targets hyped on investment […]


Motherboards with H410 and B460 chipsets won’t support Rocket Lake CPUs

Intel in a support document has confirmed that motherboards based on entry-level H410 chipsets and mid-tier B460 chipsets will not be compatible with upcoming 11th Gen Intel Core (Rocket Lake) CPUs. Both platforms launched in Q2 2020 and unless something changes, it appears as though they are going to have very short lifespans. Motherboards running […]